"It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and that mankind does not listen." -- Victor Hugo

Apr 22, 2021

Some Thoughts and a Painting for Earth Day

Giving Pause --Some Thoughts and a Painting for Earth Day
Giving Pause

I cherish and crave open, unspoiled landscapes and, what I call, the beautiful quiet that can be found there. It is there my mind recharges and my imagination has room to roam and soar. When I was younger, finding such places seemed effortless. Now it takes determination to find any peaceful spot of inspiration and refuge.

What is to become of the open spaces and beautiful quiet of the world? Will it all be overwhelmed by human tumult and indifference?  Overrun by those who can’t be still? Disturbed by those who seem afraid to be quiet long enough to experience an original, insightful thought or to know tranquility? If the beautiful quiet disappears, where will the dreamers and the creatives go for quiet contemplation? Where will minds and souls weary of the mindlessness and thoughtlessness of the world find respite?

(This was originally posted on my other art journal, CarefreeArtist.com, on Earth Day 2019)